Technical Data

Technical Data
Number of poles:   2+PE
Rated current:180A
UL: 130A
Rated voltage: 1000V AC
UL: 600V AC
Frequency: 50Hz up to 3kHz
First mate, last break
Technical Data Ideal in combination with single-core conductors

4 AWG with ...8/4AWG contacts

25 mm² with ...P8/25 contacts

35 mm² (2 AWG) with ...P8/35 contacts

38 mm² (JAPAN) with ...P8/38 contacts

50 mm² (1/0 AWG) with ...P8/50K contacts

Cable cross-sections can be combined!

Thermal steady current

Depending on cross-section and cable type, RobiFix can be used for a thermal steady current up to 180A.
Thermal steady current

Electrical values

Thermal steady current

Thermal steady current
The current capacity of a connection is limited by the thermal capacity of its contact, connecting and insulating materials. The derating diagram shows the continuous current (not intermittent) that fl ows through all the contact elements of a connector at one time, whereby the max. temperature limit is not exceeded.
Current characteristics for short operating periods are displayed below,in addition to the maximum continuous current (graph above). The duty cycle is determined within one cycle duration(relationship between switch-on and pause time).
Example: With 50 mm² cables, RobiFix can transmit a continuous thermal current up to a maximum of 180 A, representing a duty cycle of 100 %. With a switch-on duration of 60 % and a pause time of 40%, the connector can transmit 212 A.
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